About Us

Since 1908, Iron Workers Local 118 has been serving Northern California and Nevada Iron Workers, training young apprentices and ensuring that our members have a safe working environment  and a pension when they retire. We help our members build lifelong careers in the iron working trade. From just 11 members in 1908, we have grown to more than 1,600 members 100 years later.

Our Mission
As a union, we strive to provide comprehensive training, safe working environments, and competitive wages and benefits to our members. Through our training programs, our members learn that providing quality work means being reliable, being sage and staying within budget, making them an asset to both their employers and the communities in which they work. It is through this training that we can offer our industry a skilled, professional work force and continue to build local communities.

Building that World Around You
Look around you and you'll find that everything from the Tower Bridge in Downtown Sacramento to the caisnos in Reno needed iron workers to make them a reality. In Sacramento, Reno and most of Northern California, our union has been helping build bridges, freeways, schools and high-rises for the past 100 years -- and we'll continue to serve these areas as long as there are structures to be built and maintained.

Iron Workers receive the education and training necessary to find competitive work in the complex world of the construction industry. They learn to read blueprints, manage a construction site and build modern structures from the ground up. From reinforcing concrete to creating the steel structure of a building, iron workers have the knowledge to get the job done.

As a union, we create employment opportunities, fair pay, health and welfare benefits, and provide skilled training and other worker's rights for our members. Through our apprenticeship program, journeyman retraining programs and our reputation for reliable, drug-free members, joining our union will help you build the career you've always known you were capable of having.