Ironworkers Press Releases

Welding Continuity and Apprenticeship Classes
Published on Thursday, May 21, 2020

To ensure that all welders continue with their weld continuity (per D1.1. code of demonstrating welding in particular process every 6 months) the logbook allows for job site supervisor to sign off/verify that the welder has welded in said process.  This is crucial for all contractors to inform their foreman, general foreman, superintendents to spread word and encourage them to sign welder’s logbook allowing the welder to send logbook to International so they receive their new cards and stay in compliance with AWS D1.1. Code book.


Just to reiterate the log book does not mandate a CWI signature, a supervisor will suffice.  If absolutely necessary please have member call apprenticeship to set appointment and we will accommodate.


All classes have been suspended to follow the CDC guidelines due to Covid 19.  Please ensure your homework is complete as you will be rescheduled once the guidelines have been lifted to ensure you are eligible for your raises.


All apprentices have been entered into the Ironworkers Learning Management System (LMS) and classes have been open allowing you to complete all assignment sheets/homework enabling you to be prepared for either online classes in which we have started or regular classes once we are back to normal.


LMS please go to


Your username is your book#

Password for first time users IW12345 (you will be prompt to change-please write down to ensure you don’t forget)

Existing users it is what you created (there is a forgot password button that will send email to the email you used when first logged on)


  • Apprentices please continue to add hours to work process app (link is on website [apprentice time app] if app is not on your phone anymore.


  • If you are working for a non-signatory contractor please email your stubs to